Awesome 20 cm Plastic uncapper tray with plastic strainer


Plastic uncapping tray with plastic strainer (H -200mm)

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20 cm Plastic uncapper

insert: plastic strainer with internal dimensions: 34.5cm x 55cm x 7cm

• tray dimensions: 41cm x 61cm, height – 20cm

• easy assembly and cleaning

• set includes: uncapping tray, strainer, universal frame holder (suits all frame sizes)

• ideal for small apiaries

The holder is used to support the frame with honey during uncapping. Cappings accumulate on the strainer while honey drips through into the tray.

The set includes: plastic tray, plastic strainer and a universal frame holder.

 reinforced uncapper


Product available in white and yellow (depending on the lot) – please check with the seller the currently available color before ordering.

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Weight 3.366 kg
Dimensions 41 × 61 × 20 cm