50 L cool Stainless steel settler, with handles


50 L

Stainless steel settler

with a stainless valve 6/4” (?400, H 440), with handles

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Stainless steel settler

with a capacity of  50 L. The settler have a 6/4 “valve and handles.


The Stainless steel settler is used for the Bottling and settling of honey.

Technical parameters of Stainless settler:


Tank: 400 × 450 × 707 mm (internal Ø, external Ø, height)
Set: 570 × 660 × 730 mm (internal Ø, external Ø, height)


• made of acid-resistant stainless steel, certified for contact with food

• easy to clean and easy to carry thanks to comfortable handles

• lid, handles and stainless steel 6/4 “drain valve included

• facilitates honey dispensing into retail packaging

• dimensions: diameter 400mm, height 440mm


Functional settler for honey clarifying – each honey, after extraction and straining through a sieve, should settle for a minimum of 2 days so that light impurities float to the surface and heavier ones sink to the bottom.

The drain valve allows the honey to be poured into retail packaging with ensuring its purity and without need to carry a heavy container full of honey.

Handy handles facilitate moving the settler from one place to another.

The lid protects the honey in a settler against dirt and access of insects and other.

The honey settler can also be used to dispense other liquids such as bee food.




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