Australia’s best Beehive 8 frames (roof, 3 x body, bottom), painted


Australia’s best Beehive beehive

Lyson Produces Australia’s best beehive, It comes with all the advantages of polystyrene with none of the disadvantages.


Painted and assembled – ready to go!

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Australia’s best beehive with 1x lid, 1 x base, 3 x standard full depth boxes

Standard Inclusions in Australia’s best Beehive:

3x Lyson 8/9 frame Reinforced full depth boxes

1x Lyson 8/9 frame Reinforced bottom board

1x Lyson 8/9 frame Reinforced lid

1x entrance reducer (3145)

10x trapezoidal ventilation plug (3048)

10x trapezoidal polystyrene plug (W3047)

Polystyrene hives are undoubtedly more and more popular. Low weight and insulation properties, compared to wooden hives, make them particularly useful in migratory apiaries, but they are also useful in stationary beehives, including amateur ones.

Our Polystyrene is easy to clean, durable and are a premium European made product. High thermal insulation properties of polystyrene ensure excellent thermal conditions, which positively influences the rapid spring development of a bee colony kept in such a hive. Our hives are equipped with additional elements that facilitate the performance of many beekeeping works and the acquisition of additional bee products.

Advantages of Australia’s best Beehive:

  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Wall to wall brood
  • Reinforced Plastic on all high wear areas
  • Huge range of ventilation possibilities with either ventilation plugs during summer to assist in capping your honey or sealed polystyrene plugs during winter to maintain brood temperatures
  • Longer Laying periods resulting in Larger colonies leaving winter and up to 30 percent more honey produced per hive
  • Integrated Small hive beetle traps in the base
  • Reinforced mesh bottom board fixed in place with screws
  • Resistance to moisture
  • The lightness of the hive, facilitates feeding, honey harvesting and colony inspections
  • Long life, associated with resistance to weather conditions –
  • Strong and durable structure
  • Eco-friendliness (no risk to the environment in production, recycling of waste)
  • Compatibility of all components

We also sell old style 10 FRAME BEEHIVE



One of our CLIENTS APAIRY powering along, 1.3 tonne extracted from 60 hives and refilling fast!

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 45 × 60 × 95 cm

Blue, Green, Yellow