Complete slide uncapping table with wax Melter 1000mm


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Complete slide Uncapping table

Our slide uncapping table is a complete solution for removing your capping’s from your frames, separating your wax and honey without damaging the quality of the honey and finally melting the remaining wax down.

Melting out old frames

The uncapping table itself can hold 30 frames this is great for melting old dark comb, drone comb, damaged comb and cleaning up old frames to re wire and embed. Recovering any extra wax and reducing your waste.

Can be used as a stand alone wax Melter to process any wax you have laying around.

Uncapping table features:

This uncapping table for smaller beekeeping operations, with the option to add a HEATED LID and SLIDE UNCAPPER or VERTICAL UNCAPPER. This gives Smaller beekeepers a full Uncapper wax Melter and capping’s separator simplifying the uncapping process and reducing the clean-up afterwards.

  • trapezoidal bottom
  • bottom spout
  • height adjustable legs
  • stand for holding frames to be uncapped
  • bottom sieve for debris collection
  • matching table lid available

Manual slide Uncapping table Description:

  • The Manual slide Uncapper is perfect for smaller beekeeping operations.
  • The construction of the table allows installation on an UNCAPPING TABLE (ordinary or reinforced) with a length of 1000mm
  • Steam-heated knife speeds up frame uncapping (a 2000W steam generator is included)
  • Specially adapted guide to the frame is equipped with a hand guard
  • The structure of the steam slide Uncapper is made of acid-resistant stainless angles
  • HEATED LID also available for the 1 m table
  • The table can also hold 30 frames and with the heated lid attachment can also melt down 30 brood frames.

Perfect for smaller bee businesses allowing the uncapping of honey frames, separating honey, wax and finally melting down of the remaining wax.

Heated Lid Technical specifications:

  • Power supply 230 V,
  • Power heater: 2 kW,
  • Temperature controller, 30-120 Degrees Celsius
  • Length 1000 mm.



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