Creamed Honey – 1 simple way to create extra value from your delicious honey

Producing creamed honey is a fantastic way to increase the value of your higher yield honeys, this is especially true of fast crystalizing honeys such as canola. While canola is generally sold off as quickly for lower prices than most other honeys, this is not because it has a bad flavour but because of its rapid candying properties.

Producing Creamed honey from canola not only allows you to sell this otherwise High yield honey for more than your other premium honey, it also aids in differentiating your products from others at markets and on store shelves.

Creamed Honey Method:

We produce delicious Creamed honey using fresh Canola Honey, our creamed honey is produced using a LYSON CREAMER.

These machines range from a 33L bucket creamer to a 200L heated creamer.

The LYSON creamer mixes the honey for 15 minutes every hour for 4 to 10 days.

In the 1 hour rest period the honey begins to form crystals and then in the 15 minute work period the machine polishes out any rough or sharp crystalline edges – making the crystals smooth.

After 3-4 days the honey will be nearly entirely crystalized but only with fine crystals.

After the honey is thick you can keep running the creamer for a few more days, this will ensure the honey is entirely crystalized. The friction between the crystals in the honey will crush them further creating an even finer creamed honey.

This honey will not crystalize any further and will maintain the smooth texture and light colour. This is considered seed quality honey and can be used as a base to create more using primitive methods.

This is just pure honey, nothing else is added to create creamed honey.

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