Honey bottler with automatic turntable – CLASSIC


Digitally controlled honey bottler. Highly advanced design makes it very efficient and precise. Comes with automatic turntable. CLASSIC LINE

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Technical data:

  • self-priming, low-speed silicone impeller pump
  • computer controlled device
  • Fills about 350 jars 500g / h
  • (depending on the type and density of honey)
  • filling accuracy
    • +/- 1% (in the range of 0 – 1200g).
    • +/- 1.5% (in the range above 1200g).
  • filling range from 50g to 45kg
  • also for use as a pump
  • all parts with which the honey comes into contact are made
  • made of stainless steel or approved plastic
  • for contact with food
  • 230V / 300W power supply

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