Honey creaming and decrystallization machine, 200 L (280 kg), 230 V


Honey creaming machine is a mixing and stirring machine for production of creamed honey. Heated and insulated sides and bottom. Made of stainless steel, and fitted with fully automatic controller.  200 L (280 kg)

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Honey creaming machine 200L (230V) with automatic controller made of acid-resistant stainless steel.
These devices are designed to carry out honey creaming process thanks to special construction of stirring blades.

The creaming process should be carried out in repeatable cycles such as:
»Stirrer operation mode – 15 min
»Stirrer resting mode -1 h

Properly creamed honey has a texture similar to butter.

It can be modified for to best meet your needs

Honey creaming

Fresh honey is thick and transparent. After some time it undergoes natural crystallization. The proper temperature of crystallization is 16-18°C. At higher temperatures crystallization process is slower and crystals are growing larger.
Heating honey up to 40°C and its maintenance for several days causes honey to undergo from crystallized to liquid state. 
The creaming machine has a special mechanical stirrer that allows you to carry out the recrystallization process thanks to which honey will achieve an ideal spreadable consistency, similar to chocolate creams for children. Mixing is carried out several times a day for a period of about 10-15 minutes and may begin from addition of a small amount of crystallized honey to liquid in the container. “Creaming” is aimed at the production of many small nuclei of crystallization and preventing the growth of already existing honey crystals (mechanical grinding of crystals). The process also involves cyclic aeration and intensive mixing takes place for several days until the right consistency is achieved. Creamed honey stored at a constant temperature retains this consistency for many months.

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