OPTIMA Extraction Line


OPTIMA extraction line

Automatic honey extracting line with uncapping device, cappings extruder, horizontal honey extractor for 40 frames, honey sump and honey pump


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Components / Technical parameters:

Horizontal extractor for OPTIMA extraction line:

  • 40 frame (two sections)
  • motor 0,75 kW,
  • power supply 230 V,
  • ball valve 2”

Uncapping machine for OPTIMA extraction line:

  • power supply: 230 V, closed circuit heating system
  • Frame loader length:  1500 mm
  • Frame receiver: single, 1500 mm

Cappings extruder OPTIMA extraction line:

  • efficiency 100 kg/h
  • motor 0,55 kW,
  • power supply 230 V
  • adjustable auger speed up to 9 rpm

Honey pump:

  • motor 0,37 kW,
  • power supply: 230 V

Honey sump:

  • insulated,
  • 800 mm

Extractor frame loader:

  • 1500 mm

Extracted frame hanger:

  • 1500 mm


OPTIMA extraction line

The cost of delivery/commissioning of lines is a flat rate of $3500 to anywhere on the East Coast of Australia. This includes a COVID-19 levy in case we have to self isolate before or after installation to comply with government regulations and ensure your safety. All other locations will require a personalised installation quote.

The lead time for all lines is 8 months unless we have a machine in stock. Lyson Poland make adjustments to the machine to suit the boxes and frames you use specifically, before shipping to Australia.

We require a 50% deposit for the line to go into production as once it has, we are financially committed to purchasing the machine.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.





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Weight 999 kg