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Honey bottler with mini turntable

Digitally controlled honey bottler with mini turntable. Highly advanced design makes it very efficient and precise. CLASSIC LINE.

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Honey bottling machine With mini Turntable:

By reducing the dimensions of the table and eliminating the stands, the dimensions of the device have been significantly reduced, enabling its use also in workshops with a smaller area.

The compact dimensions facilitate the work of one person during the process of filling jars with honey.

Device dimensions of the Honey bottling machine:

length: 810mm
base width: 500mm
height: 635mm
turntable diameter: 600mm

Technical data for Honey bottling machine:

self-priming, low-speed pump with silicone impeller
computer controlled device
Fills about 350 jars 500 g / h (depending on the type and density of honey)
filling accuracy:
+/- 1% (in the range of 0 – 1200g),
+/- 1.5% (in the range above 1200g).
filling range from 50g to 45kg
also for use as a pump
all parts in contact with honey are made of stainless steel or food grade plastic
230V / 270W power supply.

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