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Strong 6F nucleus beehives ready to transfer into your beehive

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Six frame nucleus Beehive to be transferred into your beehive.

We will inspect the beehive together looking at the brood, honey, pollen and attempt to find the queen.

Once we have inspected the hive, looked through all the frames, inspected the brood and found the queen we will then transfer the frames from my beehive box into your beehive and place your hive where my hive was then wait until night for all forager bees to returned home. This ensures you get a fully functioning hive with nurse bees to care for the brood and queen, guard bees to defend the hive and forager bees to collect resources to keep growing the hive.

Each hive will typically contain a minimum of 4 frames of brood, 2 resource frames, 10,000+ bees and a young laying Italian queen.

Nucleus VS Package


Our nucleus beehives come with 10,000 bees and a typical package of bees comes with 10,000 bees, the problem is that the bees in a package are a random Mix of young and old bees, this means you may get more old bees that will die before they get a chance to significantly grow the brood nest on your brand new foundation slowing the hives growth until the first eggs hatch.

Our six frame Nucleus hives are already in a growth spike with 4 full frames of brood that will be hatching within the next 1-20 days This means you will have a large population of young bees that have just begun their life cycle who will then create an even larger brood nest, our six frame Nucleus beehives are 2 months ahead of a good package of bees.


Our Nucleus beehives come with a queen that was introduced one month before, she is a proven queen already laying frames out with eggs, good quality packages will come with a newly mated queen who has laid eggs in a mating nucleus hive ( very small beehive ) then been caged for introduction into the package of bees.

It is possible for the bees to not accept her, she may also have been damaged while being caged, it is also very difficult to tell if she was well mated as the queen is not given a lot of time to begin laying and the mini mating nucleus do not have a lot of space for the queen to lay so you don’t get to see her laying pattern.

Once introduced a package of bees will begin drawing foundation immediately as long as there are resources available, the queen once introduced can take anywhere from 3 days to 14 days to begin laying, this may not seem like a lot but you do not have any new brood hatching and every day that passes more of your hive population will die off. Queens can lay up to 2000 eggs a day during a honey flow so if your queen takes 14 days to begin laying you have lost a potential 28000 bees from your hive.


Nucleus colonies cannot be freighted safely so we only allow collection in person.

Once you have made your order i will get in contact with you to organise a suitable collection time.

For Bulk orders give Matthew a ring on 0411874778 to discuss pricing and potential delivery options.

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