Strong 10 frame beehive


Established 10 frame beehive Perfect for getting a head start with your beehive

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Established 10 frame Beehive

Established 10 frame beehive full of bees, brood, pollen, honey and a Vigorous young queen Ready to be transferred into your beehive and start making honey. This is an advanced 6 frame nucleus beehive that I have moved into a 10 frame hive once it outgrew the nucleus box.

Inspection of the 10 frame beehive

Once you have arrived at my property we will perform a full brood inspection on the 10 frame beehive, during this inspection we will find the queen check for eggs, larvae and capped brood and look at the queens laying pattern.

Transferring the 10 frame beehive into your box

After the inspection we will transfer all frames into your beehive and move your box to the position where our beehive was initially. We then wait until dark, seal the hives entrance and move the bees onto your vehicle to be delivered to your new bee site. after you arrive place the bees where you want them to be permanently and open the entrance.


Beehive Ready to start producing honey

We recommend that you add your honey super the next afternoon after the bees have orientated and are out foraging, Depending on the conditions of your site the bees will begin drawing the new comb in your honey super immediately and filling it with honey soon after.

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