Stainless steel settler 70 L with conical bottom „Premium line”


“Premium line” settlers consist of: drum, conical bottom and drainpipe in the bottom. These settlers are made of polished stainless steel 0,6 mm thick.

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• conical bottom for easy emptying of the honey settler

• comfortable and movable fixed handles

• lid with a gasket and fastened with clamps

• dimensions: height 765mm, diameter 400mm, capacity 70l (approx. 95kg)

• 6/4 “stainless steel valve


Honey settler with a capacity of 70 liters (about 95kg) with a conical bottom is entirely made of acid-resistant stainless steel. It is equipped with a 6/4 “stainless valve, fixed handles, a lid with a gasket that is locked with clamps.

Premium settlers consist of 3 elements:


• main drum

• cone-shaped bottom

• drain pipe located in the bottom casing


The bottom casing functions also as a stand for the settler.



• height: 765mm

• diameter: 400mm

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