Tangential honey extractor, Ø500mm, 4-frame, manual+electric drive, OPTIMA


Tangential honey extractor, Ø500mm, 4-frame, manual + electric drive, OPTIMA LINE. Packed in carton, self-assembly.

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Honey extractor have a control enabling smooth speed regulation. Honey extractor are used in smaller apiaries as well as beekeepers. They stand out with compact dimensions as well as easy operation.

Their design solutions give them the opportunity to use them when spinning even the most dense honey. The design of tHoney extractor allows free flow of honey.

Honey extractor packed in boxes, for self-assembly

The 4-frames honey extractor is made of acid-proof stainless steel. Honey extractor is equipped with a manual-electric drive.

Drum – made of acid-proof stainless steel. Drum side made of 0.6 mm thick sheet metal, conical bottom made of 0.6 mm thick sheet metal.

Stand – made of black steel covered with a layer of electrostatic paint.

Tagidental basket – made of stainless steel rods, 3 and 5 mm thick.

Electric drive – honey extractor is powered by 230V mains voltage or 12V constant voltage. The CDD system used is an advanced microprocessor speed controller of the DC motor. The regulator is equipped with several unique solutions – significantly improving the comfort and economics of the honey extractor operation. Engine: 250W. A belt transmission was used in the extractor. Manual drive mechanism made of black steel and powder coated. Steel gears transfer torque to the basket axis.

Cover – transparent, made of 3 mm thick metalletting, protects the user against the danger of contact with the rotating basket and against dirt.

Drain valve – 6/4 “stainless.

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