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Abuzz Beekeeping Supplies NSW offer the highest quality beekeeping equipment in Australia.

We Sell honey extractors, honey settlers, wax melters, wax extruders, uncapping tables, honey pumps, Honey Creamers and honey extraction lines Built from quality materials that we back up with comprehensive warranties.

Partnered with Lyson the largest beekeeping manufacturer in the world, allows us to stock a massive variety of beekeeping equipment to suit all beekeepers.

Industry Leading Product Guarantees

We offer industry leading warranties for all of our products meeting industry standards on our budget range and far exceeding the competition on our Honey Extractors, Honey Sumps, Honey pumps, Wax press, Wax Extruders, Uncapping Tables, and much more. We carry a variety of Spare Parts and are available to speak 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday If you have any issues, We honour our warranties and will get you up and running as fast as possible.


“We recently purchased some hives , bees and equipment from Abuzz Beekeeping Supplies ,. The quality of the bees is outstanding and the equipment and service was first class. Grateful for Matts in-depth knowledge of bees as well. Thank you . George and Jane”

Jane McGee

“Matt went above and beyond helping me get bees as a present for my Mother. Conditions were poor, but he still made up a split and delivered it as promised. He prides himself on delivering disease free and strong colonies. He is accommodating and a genuinely nice guy. He also assisted with advice after the bees were installed and was infinitely helpful. He is knowledgeable and willing to help.”

Joel Fraser

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our beekeeping equipment or bees our details are in the contact us section of our website

Our Nucleus Hive Production Method

We Remove 2 capped frames of brood, a frame of honey and shake an additional frame of bees from our Honey production hives into our 6 frame Lyson nucleus boxes. We leave them for 4 days destroy any queen cells being built then introduce a mated queen, after 4 weeks we will inspect the hive and once satisfied with bee population and brood patter we offer the hives for sale.

Our 6 frame Nucleus Beehives are split from our honey production hives early October, we move those splits from the external sites back to our farm in Mudgee so we can monitor them closely during the requeening stage. To ensure we do not spread any potential disease throughout our apiary we perform full brood inspections on each of our honey production hives before splitting.

After 4 days we Perform full brood inspections on each of the splits removing any queen cells, doing this after 4 days ensures the beehive doesn’t have any of the raw materials required to produce their own queen. We will then introduce our Mated Italian queen, with all queen cells removes and no larvae young enough to be made into a queen the hives will readily accept a mated queen. This method ensured the bees do not swarm the caged queen potentially overheating her and also guarantees the queen you introduce is the one that becomes the new queen of the hive.

The newly introduced queen will begin laying within a week of being introduced, once we have seen the laying pattern of the queen and are happy with the nature of the colony we offer the nucleus beehives for sale.

Nucleus beehives are significantly faster at building up than packages of bees as they have 4-5 frames of brood already in production and have a queen that is already tested within the hive, you not only get 6 frames of clean brood on young foundation and frames but also a strong young population of bees that is readily refreshed by the the brood.

If you would like to purchase our nucleus beehives please CLICK HERE

We also sell established 10 frame beehives ready for a honey super for more information CLICK HERE