About Abuzz

Abuzz Beekeeping

Abuzz began as a small family run beekeeping business producing Strong Gentle Nucleus colonies to Allow hobbiests into the world of beekeeping without risking Disease. As we grew our business we have moved into honey producing pure raw minimally filtered Honey, cut comb, Pollen and delicious smooth creamed honey using Lyson creamers. We now operate just over 100 Honey production hives and 100 nucleus production hives allowing us to produce Delicious Mudgee honey and give newbee beekeepers an opportunity to produce their own honey.

Abuzz Beekeeping Supplies

As Abuzz grew we began working with Lyson Australia purchasing our entire extraction plant and nucleus hives piece by piece slowly upgrading. Because we use Lyson and have been installing Lyson extraction lines for nearly we were more than happy to begin stocking their equipment on our website.

Lyson Australia

Lyson Australia Have been importing the finest beekeeping equipment in the world for the past 7 years. They are a family owned business that has built an outstanding reputation within the beekeeping industry for their customer service and the value they provide to all beekeepers from hobbyist to commercial beekeeper. They have been working closely with many beekeeping supply shops over Australia providing Premium quality Beekeeping equipment that is renowned for its reliability.

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