Creamed Honey – 1 simple way to create extra value from your delicious honey

Producing creamed honey is a fantastic way to increase the value of your higher yield honeys, this is especially true of fast crystalizing honeys such as canola. While canola is generally sold off as quickly for lower prices than most other honeys, this is not because it has a bad flavour but because of itsContinue reading “Creamed Honey – 1 simple way to create extra value from your delicious honey”

Swarming, your #1 guide to preventing it

Preventing Swarming in your beehive Should be your top priority during Spring and into early summer, when done correctly you will be rewarded with massive honey yields and Productive healthy beehives that will thrive throughout the year and go into winter with massive populations. When swarming is mismanaged it will always lead to missed criticalContinue reading “Swarming, your #1 guide to preventing it”

Beekeeping Success

What a fantastic day of beekeeping with our client! On the 30th of March 2021, we installed 60 established colonies into their new Lyson polystyrene beehives. We were impressed by the speed and efficiency at which the colonies developed coming out of winter. Yesterday, after just 8 months of working closely together we were ableContinue reading “Beekeeping Success”